Fee Schedule

Item Fees
Account Activity Printout $2.00
Account Balancing $10.00 per hour
Bill Pay Free-if it meets requirements*
$6.00/Mo-if it doesn't meet requirements*
Cashier's Check $2.00
        Early Withdrawal Fee (limit 1 annually)
Closed Account within the first 12 months $25.00
Coin Counting Free-for members
9%-for non-members
Copies $0.10 per page
Copy of Check $2.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $15.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee $10.00 
Escheatment Fee $25.00
Garnishment/Tax Levy Administration Fee
Minimum Balance in Regular Savings
Money Order
Non-Sufficient Funds
$15.00 per item
Overdraft Protection Transfers $5.00 per transfer
Replace Lost ATM/Debit Card $5.00
Return Check Fee $15.00 per item 
Return Mail Fee $5.00 per item 
Special Statement Printout $2.00 
Stop Payments $15.00 
Wire Fee-International $50.00 
Wire Fee-Domestic $20.00 
*Contact CU for a full list of requirements
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